Planning to build a family in the future, but now is not a good time? Reduce your risk for future fertility problems. As a woman grows older, the quality of her eggs tends to decline. Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method of saving the good quality eggs of younger women for later use. If a woman wants her own child but is not ready to conceive at present time, Egg Freezing offers an option to freeze unfertilized and vital eggs for later use. A woman is most fertile in her early 30s because this is the time when her ovaries contain many healthy eggs. With age, the quantity and quality of her eggs deteriorate. Freezing an egg stops it from aging. A frozen egg that is several years old has a better chance of fertilization than a fresh egg from an old woman. 

Nowadays, while pursuing education and advanced studies it is challenging to raise a family. Also developing a business and career is an ongoing concern that requires time, devotion, tremendous energy, and commitment. Delaying reproduction is a very common choice every working woman makes. People prior to making their relationship mature to lead their future life smoothly. Declining fertility puts pressure on available time and often results in bad decisions. Egg freezing is one way to relieve this pressure and let relationships grow at their own pace without any urgency of family building. As this is a new technology there’s not a lot of records on success rates but according to experts, 75% of eggs survive the thawing process.